Members' Area

A list of members who have served the Office of Lord Mayor:

  • 1922 Sir Edward Moore
  • 1925 Sir William Pryke
  • 1940 Sir George Wilkinson
  • 1947 Sir Frederick Wells
  • 1962 Sir Ralph Perring
  • 1963 Sir James Harman
  • 1964 Sir James Miller
  • 1967 Sir Gilbert Inglefield
  • 1980 Sir Ronald Gardner-Thorpe
  • 1982 Sir Anthony Jolliffe
  • 1985 Sir Allan Davis
  • 2016 Dr Andrew Parmley

Lord Mayors' Portraits

Published in June 2015 is a book called Lord Mayors' Portraits - Dame Mary Donaldson to Dame Fiona Woolf. This book explores the tradition of commissioning artists to paint portraits of Lord Mayors, looks at the wide variety of resulting portraits with comments from some of the artists and talks about each Lord Mayor's time in office. The scope of the book is limited to the period beginning with Dame Mary Donaldson and ending with Dame Fiona Woolf, the only two lady Lord Mayors, in recognition of the achievements of both women. Coincidentally, portraits of both women were painted by the same artist, Richard Stone. The portrait of Sir Allan Davis (shown above) and also by Richard Stone is included in the book, which costs £12 plus P&P and can be purchased from